"For Such a Time As This"  by Writing Your Book, Building a 6-Figure Business of Impact & Turning Your Message Into a Movement BY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR?

If You’re Ready to Pivot Into the Next Chapter of Your Life With Purpose... 

Watch This Video Now to Discover How to Use My "Once-Upon-A-Time" Story Method to Write Your Book, Build a 6-Figure Business of Impact & Turn Your Message Into a Movement By This Time Next Year... 

This is YOUR Moment In Time to Pursue Your Heart's Desires WITHOUT Feeling GUILTY ...

...Or Being Distracted by the Demands of Everyday Life or Worse Yet...Letting Another Year Go By ...

It is Time to Step into Your 
"For Such a Time as This..."! 
Does this sound like you?
  • ​You know, deep down are a world-changer but your ideas have been under-valued and under-appreciated.
  • ​You want to make money. You want to serve others. You don't want to have to choose one or the other.
  • ​You dream about your profitable passion project, secretly long to turn your mission into a movement.
  • ​You have a story to tell and you know you have a book inside of you but you have no idea where to even begin.
  • ​You have a big dream inside of you and you're tired of telling yourself, "It's not the right time."
  • ​Or maybe you've taken a leap of faith and launched your business of impact but you're overwhelmed trying to do it on your own.
  • ​You feel that you have been called to the Kingdom "for such a time as this" but your "for such a time as this" hasn't manifested.

"I feel you, Sister...I've got your back! It's time to RISE UP! 
Let's do this TOGETHER!" 
 - Coach Angela

It's Time to Pivot Into the Next Chapter of Your Life with Passion, Potential & Purpose 

And FINALLY, Feel Equipped & Empowered to Bring Your Message to the World...
I will PERSONALLY help you:

  • Turn the Chapters of Your Life Into the Chapters of Your Book
  • Repurpose the Info From Your Book & Repackage it Into a Coaching Program That Inspires Transformation
  • Design your "Signature Talk Framework" Using the Components of Your Book to Speak to Impact Thousands of Women's Lives
  • ​Build a Six-Figure Business of Impact that Turns Your Message Into a Movement
Incorporating The Purpose to Profit™ Breakthrough System: I’ll give you all of the components needed to launch a six-figure business centered around your book. You’ll incorporate the Six Core Pillars of Impact to define your purpose, develop your message and design your path to profit. This is a 12-Month Executive Coaching Program including 1:1 and Weekly Group Coaching with Accountability Partners for Maximum Implementation & Achievement.

That's Why I Created...

Commissioned 4 Impact™

Here's What's Included:
  • ​A 360 Degree View - Revenue, Relationship and Business Assessment & Projection Calendar
  • ​Weekly Coaching Calls to Keep You Focused and Moving Forward Faster
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Community for Files, Resources and Interactive Dialogue
  • ​Lifetime Access to the Commissioned for Impact Business Membership Portal
  • ​Transformational Teachings, Trainings, Templates & Scripts to Grow Your Business to 6-Figures
  • ​Accountability for Maximum Implementation and Acheivement
  • ​Worksheets and Homework with Cutting Edge Breakthrough Technology 

You Also Get Lifetime Access to The 6 Pillars

of Strategic Business Systems & Blueprints to Take Your From Purpose to Profit

If You Follow These 6 Pillars, You'll Build a Six-Figure Business That Makes an Income and an Impact That Truly Matters

Pillar #1

The "Pumped & Powerful : The Basics of a Well-Heeled Business This "Business-in-a-Box" gives your everything you need to know about how to run a successful business, including powerful set of trainings includes how-to's, done-for-you templates and checklists to run your business-like a #BossBabe. ($9997 VALUE)

Pillar #2

The “Author Accelerator” ™ System walks you through an intuitive process using the “once-upon-a-time” story method to turn the chapters of your life into the chapters of your book in 90 days or less (this works even if you have no idea how to do it, what you would write about or where to begin). ($6997 VALUE)

Pillar #3

Packaged for Impact™  – How to Design Your On-line, High-end  Coaching Program from Dream to Deliverable – I’ll walk you through an intuitive message-mapping process to design a coaching program based off of your book and learn how to close the sale with confidence using my authentic selling method . ($2997 VALUE)

Pillar #4

Branded: From Print to Presence™  Blueprint– I'll Help You Develop Your Brand DNA and Get Paid for Being YOU! Branding yourself authentically attracts your tribe to you easily and effortlessly. I'll show you how to build a smokin' hot SALES PAGE, be FUNNEL FABULOUS & become EMAIL MARKETING MAJESTY! ($3997 VALUE)

Pillar #5

Scripted: Your Message from Tagline to Talk™  System – How to Script a Message that Magnetizes Your VIP Clients. I'll teach you how to design your signature talk in all forms: bio, one-liner, webinar, stage presentation, podcast and more. Get ready to speak from all platforms with clarity and confidence. ($2997 VALUE)

Pillar #6

Social Media Savvy- Learn the Basics of a Social Media Presence that connects the people that you are called to collaboarte with to expand Kingdom influence. From Facebook fundamentals to understanding SEO, I'll teach you how to develop a social media marketing strategy and run a visibility campaign that sets you up as an intentional influencer. ($1997 VALUE)
As If That Wasn't Enough...You'll Also Get These AMAZING Bonuses...
Bonus #1: Coachable: How to Go from Mindset Management to Mindset Mastery and teach others how to do the same thing with my Nuero-Framing Technology™. You will learn the art of coaching so that you can give women the tools they need to step into clarity, confidence 
and courage and create major breakthroughs in their lives. ($6997 VALUE - FREE)
Bonus #2: Authentic Feminine Self-Leadership™ Series with Accompanying Workbook - 12 Never-Before Heard Transformational Teachings for Mindset Mastery so that you will feel equipped and empowered to step into the next season of visibility with clarity, confidence and courage. 
($1997 VALUE - FREE)
Bonus #3: The Full-Spectrum Wealth Accelerator™ System This is a powerful “money mindset re-set” course to unlock a new level of abundance. Never let money hold you back from pursuing your purpose again. You will use this formula to rewrite your old money story and obliterate financial roadblocks and RESET your Inner Abundance Thermometer. It’s time to unlock the abundance that is already inside of you!  ($997 VALLUE - FREE)
I'm Looking for Entrepreneurial Esthers™ Who Are 
Ready to Rise Up! 
If we haven't met yet, my name is Angela Aja...

If we haven't met yet, my name is Angela Aja and I educate, equip and empower women who KNOW they are called to be an “Entrepreneurial Esther” ™ – dynamic, emerging, Kingdom-minded women of influence who are ready to pivot from their setback into their comeback, write their book and build an impactful business that initiates real transformation.

Have you ever said, “I’m going to write a book one day!” but then another year passes you by without you being any closer to actually doing it? Have you ever dreamed of making an income and impact instead of choosing one over the other?

 If you're like me, you love to serve people.  It's more than just a's your CALL. You probably have a story to tell. Maybe you have tried to fit into the mold but your tired of trying to fit into someone else's box. 

Something inside of you is telling you it's time to go from invisible to influencer. You are ready to shift from confusion  to clarity, from mediocrity to meaningful, from invisible to influencer… 

If you are ready to step into your “for such a time as this”, let's connect. If any of this resonated with you, you're in the right place at the right time...Divine synchronicity at work...

Your "for such a time as this" is NOW...

"I have stepped into my 'for such a time as this'......"

"Angela has helped me bring my passions and purpose together and turn them into a profitable business of impact by helping women tell their story and bring their message to the world. I now know that I am a true Entrepreneurial Esther™ and because of Commissioned4Impact, I have stepped into my 'for such a time as this' ."  Lacie Hicks, Self-Publishing Strategist

"Angela helped me turn my mess into my message..."

"I am giving a recommedation for Angela. She is amazing. As soon as I met Angela, my whole life changed. I was struggling to figure out how to write my book. As soon as I met her and took her classes, it brought me so much clarity. She helped me turn my mess into my message. She will take away your worries and turn it into your story. —Meru Hunter McMahon, Wealth Accelerator Expert 

"Commissioned for Impact is a Game-Changer..."

"I love being a part of Commissioned4Impact. Being a part of this group gave me the confidence to write my first book which is being sold on Amazon and impacting women's lives. Angela has a way of bringing your book out of you. Through the on-line trainings and group coaching, I have launched my own coaching proram, making income and an impact. Commissioned 4Impact has really helped me grow in my calling and walk out my purpose. The other women in the community have supported me and given me the confidence to take each new step. Commissioned4Impact is a game-changer!"  Vernita Porter, Life Coach, Author and Influencer
Who This is Perfect For?
  • Women who want to make a massive impact on thousands of women AND create real wealth by making an income (without having to choose between one or the other)...
  • Women who want to turn the chapters of their life into the chapters of their book AND turn their book into a profitable, six-figure business...
  • Women who have a deep desire to turn their mission into a world-changing movement...
  • ​Women who want to use their story to create a dynamic Spiritual shift and fiancial momentum to fund their passion projects...
  • ​Women who are coachable, teachable and quick, imperfect action-takers...
  • ​Women who are ready to invest time and money into their "queenhood" as an Entrepreneurial Esther™...
  • ​Women who are ready to step into their "for such a time as this" and just like the king told Queen Esther, "Go write it the way you want it to look!"
(Frequently Asked Questions)
How Does "Commissioned for Impact " Work?
Commissioned for Impact is a year-long business coaching and mentorship intensive that is accomplish in a small-group setting on Zoom. With Coach Angela's undivided attention, she will guide you through the process of identifying your message and turning it into a movement. 

She will give you everything you need to build a six-figure business and use your story, your experiences and the life lessons you've employed to make a massive impact on thousands of women's lives. (All lessons are inside of a membership portal that you will have lifetime access to.)

This program works for ANYONE who commits to the process, does the weekly homework and attends the weekly calls.
How Do the Coaching Intensives Take Place and What If I'm Not Tech Savvy
Coming from the background of a single mom with nothing but ministry training, Coach Angela's passion is to help women build the business of their dreams through unconventional means without having to figure it all out on your own, even if she doesn't know anything about technology. She will show you how to design your framework for making a mega impact without spending a ton of money and time on uneccessary products and softwares.

Weekly sessions are easily accessible on Zoom and the course work is housed inside of an easily accessible, on-line membership portal that you will have lifetime access to. Even if you are not technigolical savvy, Coach Angela and her team of experts will make sure you get set up and ready to go. You're not in this alone. Homework is done privatley, through the week, as preparation for the weekly sessions. 

This process is so DOABLE and will leave you feeling a great sense of accomlishment.
How Long Does It Take to Go Through the Program?
Commissioned for Impact is a year long group coaching mastermind for faith-centric femreuers. We have monthly trainings and weekly workshops for education, equipping and empowering. As busy women, Coach Angela takes into consideration that life happens and provides opportunities for missed sessions to easily be made up for with recordings. You'll also have lifetime access to a membership portal that houses all of the virtual trainings and teachings.
How Long Will it Take Before I Start to See Results?
While results are not guarenteed, many of Coach Angela's clients have reported extreme clarity after just one session and with quick, imperfect action, some have increased their income exponentially within the frst few weeks. Positive outcomes are a direct result of a coachee's commitment to doing the homework and showing up for the weekly sessions. When they do the work, Coach Angela's clients have been able to see results that are nothing short of a miracle. 
What are Angela's professional qualifications?
Angela is an Ordained Minister with a 40-year  ministry background, a Certified Life Coach and the best-selling author of Summoned to Soar - Five Stages of the Rise of a Woman. She is a super-supporter of women who feel the call to rise up and soar to new heights; coaching over 1,000 hours, mentoring women to be leaders in their own lives, organizations and communities. She has built a thriving business of impact as an Entrepreneurial Esther™and helps other women do the same thing. She is a mother of four and self-proclaimed "Glammaw" of four precious grand-babies. You can check her out here:   
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